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The Chatterjeas 2014

The Chatterjea Family in 2014

My name is Sara Chatterjea and I reside in Fox Lake, IL with my husband and three children. I am an active, educated, mother and wife and opened my own home day care in October 2007. Taking care of children is my life, literally! As a little girl, all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. I started working with children at about the age of 12 by babysitting for local families and continued that while attending college in Minnesota. I graduated from Winona State University in 1998. After graduation, I worked in the juvenile justice field in Kenosha, WI; the foster care field in Racine, WI; and then a residential treatment center located in Lake Villa, IL for eight years. In 2001, I decided to attend graduate school to pursue a Masters in Teaching. In the course of completing that degree, I got married and had two children. I finally graduated with my Masters of Arts in Teaching from National-Louis University in March 2006. In 2007 I decided to leave my career and open my own home day care and preschool.

I ran and operated my home day care located in the heart of Fox Lake from September 2007 until December 2015. During that time, my day care experienced a 10-15% growth every year……my program grew from having a few kids into a full group home day care with upwards to 10 children with me and my full time assistant during the day! I truly enjoyed owning my own home day care. I loved giving my day care children the same love, teaching, and life experiences that I give my own children. I loved being my own boss and managing, operating, and growing my own business. I loved working with parents—listening to them, talking with them, and helping them raise their children. I loved the special bond I got to create with each of my day care children, and that during the day when they needed comfort, a hug, a lap to sit on, or someone to show their beautiful painting to….they would come to me. I loved that the children enjoyed coming to my home in the morning, and, although it’s not always convenient, some days they never wanted to leave! Over time, however, I grew to connect with one age group in particular and that was school-aged children. It was finally in 2015 that, as difficult as it was, I decided that I would give notice to all my day care families and focus on solely providing before and after school care for school-aged children.

I look forward to this new development in my program and business as I embrace the opportunity to care for and connect with older children. They no double have special and unique needs different than younger children and I eagerly anticipate being able to connect with and teach them and be there for them to make their days special and fun before and after their education at school!

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